intu Autumn Fashion

Autumn has arrived, so we start to look ahead to the festive season and all the magic and sparkle. For this autumn fashion advertising campaign for intu Chapelfield, our concept centred on traditional fairy tales, from Cinderella to Snow White, Hansel & Gretal to Beauty and the Beast, taking inspiration from all these stories to help select the clothes and style the shoot. Fashion styling, art direction, concept and design all by FOUR – and with magical results.

intuChap-Aut-Fash-142 intuChap-Aut-Fash-143 intuChap-Aut-Fash-144 intuChap-Aut-Fash-145 intuChap-Aut-Fash-146 intuChap-Aut-Fash-147 intuChap-Aut-Fash-148 intuChap-Aut-Fash-149 intuChap-Aut-Fash-1410 intuChap-Aut-Fash-1411 intuChap-Aut-Fash-14112 intuChap-Aut-Fash-14113 intuChap-Aut-Fash-14114 intuChap-Aut-Fash-14115intuChap-Aut-Fash-1416 intuChap-Aut-Fash-14162intu-chao-aw14-1