intu Student Night

Our Creative Director is a visiting lecturer at Norwich University of the Arts and he challenged the first year Graphic Design and Graphic Communication students to put their mark on intu’s Student Night promotion. Their brief was to come up with a campaign that would appeal to people like them. All students were invited to present their ideas to intu Chapelfield’s Marketing Manager and our Creative Director. Eight designs were selected and presented to intu. It was a tough decision but we chose the festival-inspired idea from Laura Hiscock and Jessica Sutherland, who worked as a team to create their design.We loved that they’d thought about how the idea could be extended to include a physical band. This campaign will be seen across 14 intu centres from intu Braehead near Glasgow to intu Lakeside, Thurrock.

intuChap-Student-Night-FOUR2 intuChap-Student-Night-FOUR3 intuChap-Student-Night-FOUR4 intuChap-Student-Night-FOUR5 intuChap-Student-Night-FOUR6 intuChap-Student-Night-FOUR7 intuChap-Student-Night-FOUR8 intuChap-Student-Night-FOUR9   Laura and Jessica’s original design which became the inspiration for the campaign.