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The benefits of digital PR and different types of campaigns

The world of digital PR continues to grow and creatives continue to think of new campaign ideas. However, there are a handful of campaign types that we see repeated because they work well and the media like them. Of course, the content needs to be fresh. You don’t want to be copying content that other agencies and PRs have done – if it’s been done before and covered a lot, ask yourself why journalists would want to cover it again? Journalists want topical, unique and fresh data and content. They want news and ideas that haven’t been covered before.

Below are popular campaign types and some examples:

Of course, campaign-style campaigns aren’t the only tactic for Digital PR. Traditional tactics such as quotes, interviews, and podcasts can also land you backlinks, so don’t forget about these!

Benefits of digital PR

The goal for both traditional and digital PR is the same, you want to build a brand and create awareness. However, sometimes I feel that Digital PR has become all about links. They are of course, very important, but if the site that is linking isn’t relevant, or isn’t authoritative, or isn’t reaching the people intended – is that specific link really that useful in the grand scheme of things?

As stated before, all PR is ultimately about building a brand and creating awareness and we don’t want that being forgotten just so we hit the link KPIs.

As PR specialists, we want to project our clients into the limelight and help them to build their brand and links, of course, which are very important for this. But we need to ensure they are useful, relevant, reach the right people and are authoritative.

So, what are the benefits of PR? Digital PR specifically.

  • Increase in website traffic. The more your brand is mentioned, the more people it reaches, resulting in more people searching and ending up on your site to find out what the brand is all about.
  • It benefits SEO. When your articles are published on authoritative sites and include links back to your site, your SEO ranking will increase for your chosen keywords. Also, SEO improvements lead to more traffic to your site, resulting in new customers and more sales.
  • It can reach more people through social shares. Online media content is super easy for people, including influencers, customers and media outlets, to share across their own social media channels. Being able to easily share content with their audiences, will result in more people viewing your brand’s content, and increasing their awareness.
  • Establishes brands as authorities. Having articles and comments published on sites with high authority will improve its reputation and Google will begin to see the site as trustworthy and a great source to get information.

Marketing and PR is important for any business, and there are several strategies to be used. Some may work better than others for specific industries and digital PR may not be for everyone but it should be considered in the marketing mix.

Here at FOUR, we specialise in both traditional and digital PR, as well as marketing, social media, branding and design. Please get in contact if you’d like to find out more information.

By Beckie Jordan, Account Executive at FOUR.