Project Description

TradeBee is the NEW buzzword in home repairs. They may be a new name to people in Norfolk, but their business is built from long-standing local organisations with over 30 years’ experience in their respective fields.

TradeBee has brought together several Norfolk businesses into one hive of expert tradespeople. These were all companies or tradespeople with a reputation for friendly, knowledgeable customer service and outstanding value. The names may have changed, but the standards haven’t.

FOUR were tasked with creating the branding for TradeBee. Our approach was to design something new, but with the look and feel of an established, classic brand. The result is a strong and solid identity which fits well within this market. It will help to make the business recognisable and promote it as a reliable service to use.

Project Details

Client: TradeBee
Service: Branding, Logo design, Design