Hoseasons brochures


One of the key sales tools for Hoseasons is their annual product brochures. FOUR has been designing the introduction pages and creative theme for these for the past four years. The 2015 collection is the first to adopt the new Hoseasons branding, designed by FOUR, which moves them forward in a more elegant, brave and exciting way, whilst respecting and understanding the brand’s long heritage. 1 Scene 11_LP cover 2 Close Up 1_pgs5-6 3 Scene 8_pgs5-6 4 Close Up 4_pgs15-16 5 Scene 8_pgs15-16 6 Scene 8_pgs19-201 Scene 12_Parks cover 2 Close Up 4_pg17-18 3 Scene 8_pgs17-18 4 Close Up 1_pg19-20 5 Scene 8_pgs19-201 Scene 11_Lodges cover 2 Close Up 4_pgs3-4 3 Scene 8_pgs3-41 Scene 11_boats cover 2 Close Up 4_pgs1-2 3 Scene 8_pgs1-2 4 Close Up 1_pgs5-6 5 Scene 8_pgs5-6 6 Close Up 1_pgs11-12 7 Scene 8_pgs13-14Scene 12_cottages cover