Project Description

North Norfolk District Council (NNDC) approached FOUR with the following request…

“We need to big up our branding and be clear about what services we provide to the public. All our assets and land should be clearly branded and easily recognised so that people know what the Council provides. There should be a single, approved, known and understood brand. Everything we do should carry the Council’s branding and logo. Clear branding helps the public understand what we as a local authority do for them and where our responsibility starts and ends. A highly visible public profile encourages other key partners to treat us with respect. Consistent use of our logo is therefore crucial to making people aware of the wide range of services we provide and to maintaining a credible corporate reputation.”

Our response was to design a well-constructed, coherent visual expression of what they are all about. To create an updated, digitally optimised version of the logo and a set of brand guidelines to help deliver the clarity, simplicity and efficiency needed on all new design work.

Project Details

Client: North Norfolk District Council
Service: Branding, Logo design, Design