Sohpie And Team

Want to get into PR? Meet Sophie and find out about her internship at FOUR

We’ve recently been joined by the lovely Sophie to discover all about PR and gain some valuable work experience. Sophie joined the FOUR team for a month and shadowed the PR, social and marketing team, but also got opportunities to do lots of writing too, which we were very impressed by!

Here Sophie describes in her own words her experience…

When I started my internship at FOUR, I didn’t have a lot of knowledge of marketing and PR, as what I knew was from the little bits I had touched on within my first year and the beginning of my second year at university.

My friends thought I was crazy, not doing an internship in London, as I go to a university near the capital. My answer – I’m more likely to be involved in things and learn a lot more by going out of the capital and coming back to my home city of Norwich, and I am glad I did!

As far as internships go, my one at FOUR exceeded my expectations. I had in my head that I would just be pushing paper, sitting in the corner of the office, or getting coffee – perhaps I’d watched a few too many films where the intern was cast aside. This was not the case, far from it to tell the truth.

I’ve been involved with projects and learnt things that my fellow students haven’t even had the opportunity to do anything like. From blog writing for clients to drafting a press release, putting together social media edits, and taking photos for social media, I’ve been involved in a lot of fun activities.

Even though I wasn’t too sure about how to put together a press release, having only done one as part of an assignment, Danielle, Beckie, and Claire all gave me pointers on how to improve my writing for a press release. I also learnt what a forward feature was, something I had no idea even existed, although if you asked me to explain how to find these to someone, my answer may be as confusing as the spaghetti junctions or the NDR roundabouts. Thankfully market research for clients and creating media lists wasn’t as confusing as a forward feature was in the beginning.

Overall, my experience at FOUR was a good learning experience, and very enlightening, having discovered that PR was a career path that I wanted to continue down after graduating from university. Having been made to feel very welcome here from the very beginning, I can say that I have thoroughly enjoyed my placement period at FOUR. And I haven’t had to make a coffee for anyone! Thanks to FOUR for all your advice and support.