The latest social media trends to help grow your account

The world of social media is constantly altering, and new algorithms are always being introduced. As an agency with social media at its core, this is something we know is important to keep a close eye on.

So, what are the latest social media trends and what are the latest tips and tricks that will help grow your social accounts?

We have collated the top 4 social media trends, to help make you stand out amongst the crowd.

1 Shortform videos are great at attention-grabbing

Users of social media are notorious for flicking quickly through from one piece of content to the next. Short videos which are immediately entertaining are the real winners, as they will grab the audience’s attention within the first few seconds that they scroll past. Condensed videos are also great at delivering your key message, allowing the viewer to absorb the key points of what you are trying to say.

2 Stories, Stories, Stories!

Stories are a great way to help maintain and increase engagement among followers and consumers. A quick message can be shared with your audience without disrupting their main feed or timeline. You have the opportunity to communicate with them in an entirely different way using fun add on’s such as polls and comment boxes, which provide an extra opportunity for that all important engagement.

3 Instagram post pins

Instagram has recently launched a new feature, which gives the option to pin three of your posts to the top of your feed. It’s another way for you to be able to highlight your key messages or show off your best posts. You could even get creative and share a spilt image over the three posts for the best impact!

4 Customer Service becomes social media led

Social media is fast becoming the go to tool for customers to get a fast answer to their questions. In a survey commissioned by Facebook, it was found that 64% of the people asked, said that they would prefer to message via social media rather than call a business. A further study suggested that 60% of all customer service requests will be managed via digital channels by 2023. So, now is the time to ensure you have a strong strategy in place as to how you will communicate with your customers via social media, making sure their needs are met.

To make the most of these trends, it is essential to determine what you want to achieve from social media. Facebook and Instagram are great at engaging your audience through reels, images and stories and have the added bonus of being a secondary customer service tool. However, if you are B2B focused, your business may be more suited to LinkedIn where you can show off your company news and connect with other likeminded businesses.

Social media is a brilliant tool for helping you grow your business and increase brand awareness. With so many different platforms on offer, it is vital to understand your audience, so you can determine which social media platform will work for you, and your customers.

Maybe you want to share content across all social platforms, this is of course fine, but it is key to note that each social platform has a different tone of voice and audience. Consider editing your captions so they suit each platform and audience. Instagram and TikTok can be more fun and visual, whereas perhaps for LinkedIn, you would use more professional language in the post.

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