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FOUR working with new charitable initiative, Giving Days

In June, FOUR started working with the newly established charitable initiative, Giving Days. Founded by the dedicated team at 7 Days Performance, Giving Days was created to give back to the community through three key avenues: supercar experience days, grants, and collaborations.

Here at FOUR, we’ve created a close working partnership with Giving Days, actively engaging in nurturing relationships and liaising with multiple charities. Our involvement extends to the coordination of experience days, writing blog posts about the experience days and grants, as well as  creating and scheduling engaging social media content for Giving Days.

Since beginning work with them, we’ve already organised two remarkable experience days, with several more in the pipeline. Simultaneously, we’ve built fresh and impactful connections with various charities throughout the region. Our team also manage their website – updating imagery and uploading blogs post – as well as building their social media accounts from scratch.

If you’re interested in the work we do here at FOUR, and would like our help promoting your charity, business, project or event, or you’d like branding/design for your business, please do get in touch at