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Communication - Small Is Beautiful

Small is beautiful

One of our fabulous clients made a lovely comment in passing the other day.

I’ve worked at our agency for over 25 years, which is quite scary in itself – I can still remember my first day back in our old offices in Thorpe Road, when life was simple – but back to the point, it was one of those things that suddenly made me sit up and think, because no one had said it before.

In a nutshell, our client was working with one of our team on a project. He was out of the office when she called to ask some questions and make some amendments. I picked the call up, took the details and sorted everything out straightway.

Now here’s the point of the story. Her comment was that it was a joy (and a considerable convenience) to speak to someone who was not directly dealing with the project but could deal with her query straightaway and knew all about the job.

This is because, notwithstanding home working, lockdowns and everything else around the new normal, here at FOUR, we talk to each other, we have a simple account management and communication structure, and we share information about what we’re doing amongst ourselves.

So, this is one for all of us in smaller agencies. Minimal hierarchy, no chains of command and complex communication streams from account exec, through account manager and goodness where else until your message gets to where it needs to be. You want something done, we do it. The person you spoke to isn’t in, it’s easily picked up.

For us it’s normal, but it was great to find out that it’s something that’s really valued – and a point of difference too.