An exciting, ‘wild’ experience of London under the stars.

Last year FOUR was asked by our friends at Toolbox Marketing to support the PR and social teams for ILLUMINATURE, the new winter light trail at WWT London Wetland Centre in Barnes, organised with Lumagica, in association with MK Experience, which ran from October to early January this year.

The illuminated trail featured huge, beautifully lit wetland wildlife models including a heron, Nene goose, otters and an owl, amongst many others. In total, there were 214 different elements making up the attraction.

It was a great success, with children and adults dancing under rainfall lights, skipping along with fireflies, playing in the blue waters of an immersive light tunnel, hopping along responsive lily pads, creating colourful shadow animals, and enjoying plenty of photo opportunities along the way! All this was set amongst the reed beds, lagoons and grazing marsh of WWT London Wetland Centre, with the sights and sounds of night-time nature playing out in the background.

An incredible opportunity which we really enjoyed being a part of; the FOUR team worked hard to generate media coverage across broadcast, print and online media and ensure social media was kept alight throughout to encourage ticket sales, engagement and user generated content, not to mention keeping the social community updated of any Covid changes and/or restrictions.