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A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.

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  • 1.A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”

Coco Chanel wisely uttered this quote, as she knew the power of a good haircut.

That power she referred to is the confidence and sharpness of a new look and feel. It has become synonymous with breakups, new beginnings and the transformative power of change. If there has ever been a time where we as a country can say we have come through a change and a breakup, it’s now.

But you have to trust the person you give that transformation too.

As we all know from lockdown and various videos and memes doing the rounds, it’s all very well to have a home cut with a lopped sided edge, bad fringes, botched colour jobs or a bowl cut when no one can see you. But when the time comes to emerge, we are all going to have the hairdresser (or barber) on speed dial… because we need to come back with confidence and see a professional, taking ourselves seriously and revamping after a period of mothballing.

The same is true of design and branding. With that in mind, I was wondering how many businesses are out there are now thinking they could do with a new metaphorical ‘cut and colour’.

We believe at FOUR that now is the time to invest in a team of people who know what they’re doing (and do it well) because don’t we all (be it hair or business) want to change an image; walk into a room of people and hear “wow, you look amazing!”

This slightly roundabout metaphor has a point, we promise. By comparing it to hairdressing we aren’t just talking about cost; we are talking about skill, about passion and design…

So invest in talent and skill… anyone could pop on to Google and find a way of creating a logo. It’ll be awful, but, more than that, do you just want to be anyone? And your brand is not just your logo, of course. So, do you want mediocre or do you want to invest in a skill that will see a return on your investment?

Buzz Cut or French blow dry… you decide.

Now we’re all coming out of lockdown, businesses need to come back with confidence and give people a reason to come back to you.

It’s the NEW NEW. Now is the time to invest in how you sell yourself and take your business seriously. People always need ‘new’ and ‘fresh’. Looking backwards isn’t going to push you forwards.