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The use of AI in marketing and PR

The use of AI across the board is continuing to grow, and becoming smarter. So, what does that mean for the workplace, specifically the marketing and PR industry?

In marketing, AI has three main uses: content personalisation, data analytics and content generation. All of these come with their advantages and disadvantages, meaning that utilising AI within marketing needs to be strategically planned.

When it comes to content, AI makes it easier to personalise messages for individuals. It looks at data to understand what people like and tailors marketing messages accordingly. This personalised approach makes customers more likely to engage with a brand, boosting loyalty. AI can also help figure out where to advertise for better visibility and usefulness.

AI can analyse large amounts of data including demographic information, existing customer data and market trends, as well as previous marketing campaigns and summarising the findings. By using this data, it can predict how future campaigns might perform and estimate how much time people spend on owned assets, such as websites.

As well as predictive analysis, it can also be used to create digital influences. For example, there’s Lil Miquela, who isn’t real but has millions of online followers. Using digital influencers can be creative and reach a bigger audience while possibly saving money.

Using AI in marketing is becoming crucial. It helps bridge the gap between customer data collected and what to do in future campaigns. However, it’s important for marketing teams to carefully decide how to use AI while staying true to the company’s values, objectives, and strategies.

Relying solely on AI within a marketing or PR campaign poses inherent risks. While AI brings efficiency and data-driven insights, it lacks the nuanced understanding of human emotions, cultural intricacies, and the unpredictable nature of human sentiment. The risk lies in overlooking the human touch – the ability to empathise, respond creatively to evolving trends, and make subjective judgments. Over-reliance on AI may result in campaigns that feel mechanistic, failing to resonate authentically with diverse audiences. Striking the right balance between AI’s analytical capabilities and human intuition remains pivotal to crafting impactful and emotionally resonant marketing and PR strategies.

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